Radical Secret Church

Test your setup on Thursday, April 22, 2:00-8:00pm EDT / 1:00-7:00pm CDT.

It is important that you test your complete technical setup prior to Secret Church. Testing will help you feel more prepared and will lessen the chance that you will experience technical difficulties on the evening of the simulcast when you have a room full of people waiting on Secret Church to start.

Testing your complete technical setup means you will test from the location you plan to stream Secret Church, with the exact internet connection, computer, TV, video screens, cables, etc., that you plan to use on the night of Secret Church. If you plan to connect your computer to your television, you may need some additional equipment (for example, an HDMI adapter cable) to enable you to view the livestream on a larger screen. Be sure to have this additional equipment on hand prior to participating in the pre-livestream testing.

Radical will host one live testing time on Thursday, April 22, 2:00-8:00pm EDT / 1:00-7:00pm CDT to enable you to test your technical setup before the livestream. It is strongly recommended that you test during this time for 45-60 minutes to ensure your setup will work during the event.