Radical Secret Church

The Outpost

Unlike any other facility in the world, The Outpost will be located amongst the unreached, as it trains those to go to the unreached. Utilizing extensive information about the world’s most urgent needs, this top-secret facility will be used to train workers to get the gospel to the hardest to reach peoples in ways that are biblically faithful and practically effective.

Our Goal

Much like providing a well in a village with no water, this training center seeks to send out those with the living hope of Jesus Christ. The Outpost will be immersive and innovative. And, ultimately, it will prepare participants to serve unreached communities, engage in effective evangelism and develop long-lasting discipleship relationships.

Establishing a gospel presence in this place is not easy. But it is worth it. Your financial gift today will help lay the literal foundation of work to be done at The Outpost, and well beyond its walls, for the sake of the gospel for generations to come.